Snowstake 2/8/13The sun will rise at 9:02 this morning, and set 8 hours 8 minutes later at 5:10 this evening. Sunset is now after 5; I’ll soon be able to attend afternoon lectures! It’s warmed up a little, but thankfully not so much that the roads were too slippery to attend the critique session yesterday afternoon.

We’ve had a little snow over the last week – enough that I’m thinking of getting the driveway plowed again. The all-wheel drive could handle keeping it rolled down if I were going in and out every day, but I’ve been making it out only about twice a week lately, and I’ve killed the engine backing out a time or two. The snow stake says the depth is approaching two feet, so at least we’ve about made up for the settling. I tried to crop the photo so the bottom of the photo is the base of the stake. I have not tried to walk out to the stake!

Bartlett Arboretum, Belle Paliane KSI got back the digitizations of the rest of the 35mm slides last week. Some I know I took are still missing; some I’d totally forgotten about were there. I took one group in 1978 when I visited a botanical garden in Wichita with my father and his second wife, 8 years after my mother died. I couldn’t remember the name of the place so I googled “public gardens Wichita” and finally found it: Bartlett Arboretum, in Belle Plaine, KS. Really a beautiful place, and we visited in tulip time. Now I need to get the 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ slides, the Super 8 movies and the videotapes done, but at least I have managed to look at the movies and see that some are worth saving.