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I’m still quoting from War’s End, which is in the editing stage. Coralie’s dog Bounce is bringing the Maung back to the group, and they are wondering how to feed it – and themselves, as they have only a limited supply of the emergency food bars.

Orion Nebla“They do need different trace elements,” Ginger replied shortly after she took back the reader. “Mmm …. They can handle our amino acids — not a chirality problem — but they need a different balance than we do. Could be allergy problems, but probably not on the bars. This is not a complete reference, but I seem to remember that their bone structure is not based on calcium phosphate, or at least it’s got something else to make it stronger — they’re adapted to higher gravity than we are. I think they need more chlorine — there’s enough in their atmosphere to make Humans pretty sick. And several complex chemical compounds, like our vitamins, but there’s nothing we can do about that. At least they’re carbon-based and get their energy from oxidizing carbohydrates and hydrocarbons!”

If you’d like more information on the Maungs, check the second day of my world building week.