Cover,, One Good KnightThe first six quotes tweeted from January 31 through February 6 were from One Good Knight, by Mercedes Lackey.

“It takes as long as it takes.” Gina is being asked how long the fighting training will take. She compares it to learning to be a dancer or a musician.

“Why dress something you’re going to eat?” Amaranth’s reason for finally believing the dragons – food could be to fatten her up, but clothing does not make sense if that were their goal.

”Clever and cunning, not intelligent. Not the same thing at all.” The fox, when Gina says that foxes are supposed to be intelligent.

“People who are not mad always have reasons for what they do.” Peri and Andi are trying to figure out why the dragons are being forced to lay waste to the countryside.

“Sacrificing one virgin girl a week does not ruin an economy.” Peri, pointing out that the dragons “ravaging” the countryside has not hurt the basic economy at all.

“A question or a train of thought must be pursued to its likeliest conclusion, no matter how unpleasant.” Andi’s teacher of logic has taught her this, and she does not at all like the likeliest conclusion.

“Don’t look under the bed. I forgot to check there.” Bowling, Horse Power.