Meteor Crater, rawThe sun will rise this morning at 9:25 am, and set 7 hours 20 minutes later at 1:05 this afternoon. We’re still gaining more that 6 minutes a day – up to 6 minutes 46 seconds a day now, and the sun is getting higher every day. The temperature has warmed up quite a lot over the past week, and is now swinging back and forth through 0°F. Yes, that’s warm for the beginning of February. We’ve even had a couple of inches of snow. This week’s forecast? Pretty much more of the same, though I understand some of our cold air is headed for the lower 48.

Meteor Crater Enhanced

Same slide of MeteorCrater as upper left thumbnail, but enhanced, warmed, and given a somewhat greener tint.

I have finally started cataloging the slides I had digitized, and finding how faded many of them are. So far, I’ve confined myself to using iPhoto for restoration, and it does work, after a fashion. I don’t know yet if Photoshop will do any better. The main problem is that many seem to have developed an overall green or pink tint. The autocorrect helps, as do the tint and temperature controls, but the sky is still pinker than it should be. Or greener, depending on the slide.

The pair I’ve shown here were taken in 1972, when my father and I met on the road to visit my sister in Arizona. He started in Wichita with a trailerload of her stuff; I flew down from Colorado. We’re both science buffs, so we visited Meteor Crater. Most of the photos I have from that time period are wild flowers, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get the colors right – but as you can see, even the simple corrections help. So it is possible to salvage even faded slides — somewhat.