Bubble Nebula HubbleBounce has brought a Maung back to the group — but if it dies, it can infect them with the organism that forms its nervous system. Such infection can lead to the parasite taking over the human mind.

[Coralie] swallowed hard.  This wasn’t at all the kind of threat she was used to.  “What does it eat?” she asked uncertainly.

“It’ll survive on our emergency bars, at least for a few days,” Audi replied. “Longer than that — Ginger, don’t they need a little different trace elements and vitamins than we do? And we don’t have all that many of the bars; we’re going to have to find something we can eat.”

I’m still a little unsure about what’s following Six Sentence Sunday, but I’ve signed up for two lists. One was Skye Warren’s if it goes, which will presumably still be six sentences — but I haven’t heard back on that one. Last night I couldn’t even get the website. The other is Weekend Writing Warriors, which allows up to 8 sentences. I went with six this time, but I may start posting eight. Next week will be a double, as I’m also doing Year of the Snake with a bit from later in the same book.WWW logo

Update: Skye’s site is apparently going, but only the first Sunday of the month. I’ll be here every Sunday, with 8 a week except the first Sunday, when I’ll drop back to 6.