Here are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling between January 10 and January 16.

Cover, Trey of Swords“I pay no blood. I deal not in death, but in life.” “Sword of Lost Battles” by Andre Norton, in Trey of Swords. Crytha’s words to Ninutra as she refuses the order to kill Tsali.

“ Pride does not put food in the mouth, covering on the back, keep breath within one’s body.” Zarsthor’s Bane, Andre Norton.  Brixia was once Lady of a Keep, but is now a homeless wanderer with only a cat to speak to. But she has another kind of pride, one not based on her outward appearance.

Cover, Zarsthor's Bane“We share life truly—this lesson have I learned.” Zarsthor’s Bane, Andre Norton.  Brixia is speaking to the tree which has sheltered and fed her.

“I serve no will save my own.” Zarsthor’s Bane, Andre Norton.  Brixia’s defiance when she finds herself herded to the waste.

“One could imagine anything in the night.” Zarsthor’s Bane, Andre Norton.  Brixia is wandering in darkness, half-hearing voices.

“All the world was balanced, light against dark, good against evil.” Zarsthor’s Bane, Andre Norton.  Brixia is trying to decide whether the magic she faces is of the Dark or of the Light.

“Being free wasn’t as—well–free as he had once thought.” Homecoming, Sue Ann Bowling. Roi’s thoughts as he begins to realize the responsibilities of no longer being a slave.