Helix Nebula, Hubble

Bounce is bringing back the alien that was on the ship, something Coralie had never seen before but Audi was able to identify as a Maung, a creature that is a symbiosis of an insect-like intelligence that can parasitize humans and a mammal-like body. Audi is speaking.

“If it dies out here, that will release the infective symbiont, and we’re probably the nearest potential hosts.  We’re much safer keeping it alive.  The problem’s communication.  Ginger, does that reader of yours have a color panel display?  If it does, I can at least say ‘friend’ and ‘stay with us.’  That’s about it, I’m afraid.”

A color panel display? But why would Audi need that?

I’m going to post from my new short story next week, as I’m making it free that day. It’s actually connected to War’s End, as Timi and Amber (characters in Horse Power) are Coralie’s remote ancestors. I’ll be back to Coralie’s group, though. You want to find out what a Maung looks like, don’t you?

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