Cover,, One Good KnightThe quotes tweeted between December 6 and December 11 were all from One Good Knight, by Mercedes Lackey.

“How could one write up a treaty with things that were mythical?” Andi considers that the fact there are treaties with the Weirding Others in the Archives is a pretty good indication that they’re real.

“Say as little as you can, and listen as much as you can.” The Lady Thalia’s advice to Andi, when the girl first starts eating dinner with her mother, Casseiopeia. (Yes, Andi is short for Andromeda.)

“Foxes are as bad as cats for twisting orders around to suit themselves.” Solon grumbling to himself about his unfortunate choice of a fox as a familiar.

“Move slowly, that was the key.” Solon thinking to himself about the best way to take over Arcadia.

“The best way to distract attention was to start a war.” Solon still thinking, though he is smart enough to know Arcadia could not survive a war. Summoning a dragon would, however, do just as well.

“A fight creates a pattern you can see only after it is over.” Gina is trying to teach the girls how to fight.

“If computers could breathe sighs of relief, that was what the planetary computer did.” Homecoming, by Sue Ann Bowling Marna has just teleported back to the lodge the instant she sees the crevasse she is exploring move.