OrchidThe sun will rise at 10:44 this morning and set at 3:12 this afternoon, for a day length of 4 hours almost 28 minutes. We’re now gaining 4 minutes 41 sec a day, but the gain is increasing every day and will be about 5 ½ minutes by the end of the week. Won’t be too long before I can quit watching the time so closely when I drive in for groceries. (I have to start home at least half an hour before sunset.)

Still no more snow, though it’s been warm lately – back and forth around zero, with some days warm enough that the roads are pretty slippery. What snow we have has settled to only about a foot on the ground, though there’s been no melting yet. Not that I’m expecting any, barring record high temperatures which I hope we don’t get. I hate dealing with the icy glaze a thaw now would put on everything. There’s some chance of snow in the forecast, but only a chance. I hope we get more soon, or pipes will start freezing.

Still a strong inversion, and air quality is still unhealthy.

Flowers are indoor only this time of year. The photo is actually one of the old slides I had digitized, and is at least 25 years old.