30 Doradus, HubbleWith the little time left, I’m posting a couple more snippets from War’s End, though it will probably be quite a while before it’s ready for publication. I will continue posting snippets on Sundays, but unless the new list goes up you’ll have to follow the blog to see them.

“Bounce,” [Coralie] called, and heard a bark in response.  She reached her mind out to the little dog, and caught her breath sharply as she realized what Bounce was doing.  “Audi, she’s bringing that creature here!”

Audi looked startled, but then grinned.  “Good for her!  That’s a Maung, if you didn’t know.”

A Maung? There was a captive Maung on the ship, but it was takeover by the Maung-possessed that led to Rakal’s removal from the Confederation!

At some point I’ll devote a week to a short I’m putting up on Amazon, “Horse Power.” It won’t be completely different; characters Timi and Amber are Coralie’s remote ancestors.

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