These are the quotations tweeted between November 22 and November 28 from @sueannbowling. The first six are from Trey of Swords, a collection of three novelettes by Andre Norton. The name of the novelette is above each group of quotes.

Cover, Trey of SwordsSword of Ice

“It is always in such straits a shrewd move to find an enemy outside the borders.” The new ruler of Karsten is striving to unite his land by a crusade against the Witches of Estcarp.

“I think we close our minds too often.” Crytha, just after she has first found that she can control a snake.

“Freedom is more than Power.” Crytha, saying to Yonan that she is willing to share what she can do because he understands that freedom is more than power over others.

“Who knows when he lies down at night what the rising sun will bring tomorrow?” Yonan, as he sets out to rescue Crytha.

Sword of Lost Battles

“I was not master, but rather the servant of what I carried.” Yonan feels he is being moved by the ancient sword he has found.

Sword of Shadow

“Evil of many kinds dared not cross clean running water.” A very old belief, in this case voiced by Tsali when he and Crytha need temporary protection from the Dark.

“Sometimes there is no right way.” Bowling, Homecoming. Marna is realizing that her own moral ambiguity is nothing new to Roi.