Bookmarks and business cardsLast night I went to the science fiction and fantasy reading group at our local library, where they were discussing my first book, Homecoming. I went with some trepidation, telling myself there is no such thing as a book everyone likes, and prepared for criticism. I also took supplies of my homemade bookmarks and some business cards with my various internet addresses and, with some uncertainty, a few copies of the sequel, Tourist Trap.

I needn’t have worried.

Everyone wanted bookmarks and web addresses. The three copies of Tourist Trap I’d brought were snapped up, with readers saying how eager they were to read of Roi’s further maturation. Lots of questions about when the third book will be out. (It’s now in the editing process and I haven’t even decided yet whether to try for a publisher, go back to iUniverse or go totally indie with it.)

The sincerest form of flattery may be imitation, but for an author, buying the sequel on the basis of how well you liked the first book is a very close second. Thank you.