M100, photo credit HubbleWelcome back to War’s End. Ginger is trying to free Kelty, who’s just said that mostly it’s his clothing that’s stuck, not him. Madame Irela is sitting on a log, Bounce is off hunting for Audi, and with Michelle asleep Coralie’s survival. training is kicking in. If you want more details, click “Index” above, and then “Six Sentence Sunday.” And by the way, Mik is Coralie’s big brother.

Kelty sighed as Ginger cut loose the back of his hair, then carefully wiggled out of his jacket and jumpsuit.  Coralie looked away, catching only a glimpse of silky, close-fitting briefs.  No worse than Mik’s loincloth, she told herself firmly, and modesty was the least of their problems.

“Might as well shave my head,” Kelty grumbled, feeling the back of his head as he walked over to a carryall behind the medical kit and pulled out a pair of shorts and a light shirt.  “I hope that insect repellent works.”

“We’re going to get eaten alive if it doesn’t,” came Audi’s voice.

That gets everyone who was on the courier initially, but they’re a long way from being out of the jungle yet. And it wasn’t everyone who was on the courier just before they found themselves tumbling through the jungle.

One happy announcement: my first book, Homecoming, is the Monday topic for the Science Fiction and Fantasy reading group at the library.

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