Wolf Run RestaurantThe sun won’t rise until 9:42 this morning, and after a mere 5 hours 47 minutes will set at 3:30 this afternoon. It now gets only about 5 ½° above the horizon at its highest, which makes driving a real problem, especially driving south. The trees casting their shadows on the roof of my favorite restaurant at noon are a considerable distance to the south.

We’ve had a few flakes of snow this past week, but no measurable accumulation. It’s getting pretty cold, though, with daily highs often below 0°F at the Fairbanks airport, and colder where I am. With clear skies, the nights are fairly consistently below -20°F—a little cold for aurora watching. Wind, which is unusual up here when it’s cold. is making it feel even colder. At least the forecast doesn’t look like 40 below for Thanksgiving, which has happened in the past.

Afternoon update: it’s crystal clear, temperature around zero, and a brisk wind blowing. I just heard on the radio that it could reach 40 below tonight in low-lying areas, and since I live in a frost hollow, that could mean here, especially if the wind drops. Thank goodness my house is well insulated!

#Writemotivation: I’ve done most of the first-round edits on Rescue Operation. I might do a couple more bits from Zhaim’s POV, but I think I’ll have it ready for the serious edits by the middle of the week.