Welcome back to War’s End. Ginger is trying to free Kelty, Madame Irela is sitting on a log, Bounce is off hunting for Audi, and Coralie’s survival training is kicking in. If you want more details, click “Index” above, and then “Six Sentence Sunday.”

Star birth in the Carina nebula, credit Hubble GallerySurvival training? What we get in the segments on the weather report is seven steps: Recognition that you’re in a survival situation, inventory of what you have with you, shelter (including clothing), water, food, signals, and play. Inventory has to wait until they’re all together and Ginger has time to get the medical kit open. The signals don’t apply: Coralie has just urged them to move out of the clearing, asking if they want to be visible to satellites.

“We don’t,” Kelty agreed as he managed to pull a hand free.  “Thanks, Ginger.  Mostly it’s my clothes that are stuck, not me.  Maybe if I can wiggle out of them ….”

“Let me cut your hair loose, first.  You’ll have to wear it short for a while.”

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