cover, White DragonThe first six quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling between November 8 and 14 were all from The White Dragon, by Anne McCaffrey.

“You have to be a lot of people. That is hard.” Ruth’s comment to Jaxsom, after listing the multiple roles Jaxsom has to fill.

“There’s a difference between communication and gossip.” Jaxsom, reprimanding F’lessan for talking about Weyr business in a public meeting.

“There’s such a thing as being too popular.” Jaxsom is trying to teach Ruth to chew firestone in secret. But the white dragon attracts a swarm of fire-lizards wherever he goes, and some of them undoubtedly look to people who should not know what Jaxsom is doing.

“Looking ahead is far more constructive than looking behind.” Robinton, in a discussion of the Southern continent. What is to be done about it?

“It’s never easy to be patient, but patience can be rewarding.” F’lar, talking to Jaxsom about Jaxsom’s ambiguous position—but his mind is more than half on his relationship with Lessa.

“Things were not as they seemed.” Jaxsom is growing up.

“A plague isn’t going to spread through vacuum!” Bowling, Homecoming. Lai is arguing to the crew of the Bounceabout that finding or even orbiting a plague planet is not a risk.