Pillars of Creation: Eagle nebula, HubbleWelcome back to War’s End. Ginger is trying to free Kelty, Madame Irela is sitting on a log, Bounce is off hunting for Audi, and Coralie’s survival training is kicking in. If you want more details, click “Index” above, and then “Six Sentence Sunday.”

Survival training? What we get in the segments on the weather report is seven steps: Recognition that you’re in a survival situation, inventory of what you have with you, shelter (including clothing), water, food, signals, and play. The signals don’t apply: they’re in enemy territory. This last is not new to Coralie; she’s spent the last 8 years in a war. But she’s reached shelter, water, and food–and she’s realizing that the methods she knows for determining what’s safe to eat won’t work here.

But how could she trust what the local animals ate when the local animals–if there were any larger than the insects–were totally unfamiliar?  Even binding things against her skin as a preliminary test seemed dubious, given Kelty’s plight.

“The survival kit should have a few emergency bars,” Ginger replied as she soaked Kelty’s hand with alcohol.  “Catching rainwater’s a good idea, and so’s shelter–but I don’t know quite how.”

“We should get out of this clearing, as soon as we’re all together and Kelty’s free,” Coralie said.  “We don’t want to be visible from satellites, do we?”

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