Cover, Spell of the Witch WorldThe quotes tweeted between November 1 and November 6 from @sueannbowling are all from Spell of the Witch World, a collection of three novelettes by Andre Norton. The story names are given before the quotes from that story.

Dragon Scale Silver

“A double wish carries its own price.” The Lady Almondia has worked magic to bear not only the son her lord wishes, but also a daughter. The birth of these twins will kill her.

“To live through another day takes all the wits a man has.” Jervon, speaking of his life as a warrior.

“The hatched fledgling cannot be fitted back into the eggshell from which it has broken free.” Elys, recognizing that she cannot return to a village which now has no need of her.

Dream Smith

“If a gift goes unused it withers and the world is the poorer for it.” Sharvana speaking to Collard about his gift of seeing the past and recreating it in metal.

“Let us claim this dream forever, and claiming it, make it real.” Magic again. Collard has wrought a miniature feasting hall for the crippled Jacinda, and the magic he has called on has put the two of them there.

Amber Out of Quayth

“The false must always have a grain of the true within it.” This is referring to the false amber, but it is true also of a lie if it is to be believed. Very appropriate for the election season just over.

“It would be so much easier just to stay here, and be found or die as chance decreed.” Bowling, Tourist Trap. Amber is on her own in the wilderness with an infected leg.