Infant Stars, HubbleAnother fragment from War’s End today. Ginger is speaking as she works to free Kelty, while Madame Irela has just followed Bounce back to Coralie. If you’re interested in earlier fragments, click on “Index” above, and then on “Six Sentence Sunday.”

“That log should be safe if you want to sit down, Madame Irela, and I’ll have some insect repellent shortly.”

“What about food?” Coralie asked.  “And it looks as if it might rain–shouldn’t we rig something to catch rainwater?  And shelter from the rain?”  She was hungry, and while she could see several things that looked like fruiting bodies on the trees, she had no idea if any were edible.  She knew test methods–every nomad child did.

War’s End is the third book of the trilogy I’m currently editing.

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