Jet in Carina: HubbleBack to War’s End, with Coralie worrying about shelter from rain, though it is certainly warm enough! If you want more background, click on “Index” above and then on “Six Sentence Sunday.”

Possibly quite soon; the way the lower clouds were moving relative to the upper ones looked threatening to Coralie.  Water itself was unlikely to be a problem, as long as they had some way of storing rain.  Food?

“There you are,” said a tired voice, and Coralie turned to see Madame Irela trudging alongside Bounce.  The woman came on, waving insects away from her face, but the little dog turned back as soon as she had seen Coralie.  Still hunting for Audi, Coralie thought approvingly as she jiggled Michelle.

All this while Ginger is working to get Kelty free from the vines and Coralie is nursing Michelle.

The first book of the trilogy, Rescue Operation, is now in the editing process.

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