Year 4 Day 212

Earth, as photographed from Galileo in December. Photo credit NASAI am getting increasingly worried about Songbird. Her belly has become so large that she has to lean backward when she walks, but she waddles no more than Meerkat — less, actually, since staying in one place has allowed Meerkat to regain the weight stripped from her by starvation. Meerkat insists the pregnancy is progressing normally, but it has become obvious that Songbird’s hips are not remodeling themselves. I can only hope that her ligaments are still elastic enough to allow the baby to be born.

My mapping project is progressing well. I decided to start by flying due east, memorizing and locating landmarks along the way, until I reached salt water. From there I am moving north along the coast, which initially ran due north, with an occasional island offshore. By the third fiveday it began curving back to the west and then back northward, but not so straight, and with larger islands offshore. I have visited a few of these, and recorded their location and teleport coordinates.

At my present position, right on the equator, islands are rare, and the coast is trending more northeast. The vegetation is not actually jungle, such as I found farther west at this latitude, but healthy forest and grassland. I’m glad it’s so easy to teleport back to my new home each night.

I am more and more alternating flying and teleporting to landmarks ahead, though much more systematically than I did earlier. I am even providing some of what we eat — many of the ocean fish are fatter and far better eating than those the lake provides. I wonder how long it will take me to find the northern desert shore I visited earlier.

If you’re trying to follow Jarn’s mapping expedition, he started mapping the coast in what is now Mozambique, continued along the coasts of Tanzania and Kenya, and has now reached the southernmost part of Somalia.

Jarn is a fictional human-like alien who was stranded in Africa roughly 125,000 years ago, during the penultimate interglacial. His story is the remote backstory of the science fiction universe of Homecoming, Tourist Trap and the upcoming Horizon War trilogy, as well as the novel I am currently drafting. Jarn’s Journal as far as I’ve gotten in writing it is on my author’s site.