The quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling this week were all (except the last) from Horn Crown, by Andre Norton.

Cover, Horn Crown“Men must have such heroes.” The next words are “even though they look about them and see only lesser men, mean and petty things. Yet if they can be led to believe that once there was greatness then many of them will seek it again.”

“It is the gift of the Bard to tie the past to us, to give us hope.” Elron musing in the wilderness.

“Each Power must have its light side and its dark.” Elron remembering Gathea’s words as he faces the dark aspects of those he has come to serve.

“There is always fertile ground, waiting for the right seed.” Kurnous explaining why the Gates have been opened.

“Freedom of choice must remain.” Kurnous’ words to his dark counterparts, pointing out that true freedom of choice can only come with knowledge of what is being chosen.

“If there were no dark, how could the light be judged and desired?” Kurnous, pointing out why no land is all light without dark.

“Follow your hunches.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Something Derick had said earlier to Roi, pointing out that hunches, for him, were an untrained from of conditional precognition.