Amur maple, caged to keep the moose outThe sun will rise today at 8:46 in the morning, and set at 6:26 this evening for a bit more than 9 hours 40 minutes of daylight – 6 minutes and 42 seconds less than yesterday. The sun at noon is only a little more than 16° above the horizon, and a few days ago I noticed that a pickup driving west near solar noon had a pool of sunlight under it — the shadow of the base of the truck was on the north side of the truck.  Daytime high temperatures are sometimes below freezing, and a dusting of snow that fell Saturday night was still on the ground Sunday evening. I can’t be sure until it gets light enough to see, but today’s forecast suggests enough snow depth to measure. The snow itself will help keep temperatures down by reflecting sunlight back to space, so unless we have a really warm spell, which is not even hinted at in the forecasts, this snow will still be on the ground in April.

Snow on driveway

At the time I took this picture, snow had been falling for about 3 hours. Maybe if it keeps up overnight it will reflect enough sunlight to stop daytime warming. Not that I’m looking forward to that!

At least the maple is now snug in a 7’ tall cage, which I hope will discourage the moose. The snow stake is up, and I’ll be interested to see how much snow falls today and tomorrow. The dirt roads are already pretty solid. The road in front of my house might as well be concrete, though a concrete road that rough would be badly in need of maintenance.

P.S: As of 9 am, we sill have only yesterday’s dusting of snow. The current forecast calls for snow starting around noon and highs in the 20’s for the rest of the week, though.

Update at 3 pm: it is snowing, but it’s the kind of extremely fine snow, falling vertically, that takes forever to amount to more than a trace.

8 pm: we have roughly an inch on the ground, though the snow has never let up. It’s just very fine, sparse, flakes.