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Orion Nebula, Hubble photoHere’s another bit from War’s End, though Bounce is out of sight this time, looking for the rest of the group. Ginger has just told Kelty that the sticky vines holding him have a substance that acts as an insect repellent. (Makes sense: if the vines trap animals for nutrients, they would evolve some defense against insects “stealing” their prey.) Coralie? The steps of survival are recognition, inventory, shelter, water, food, signals, and play, and being from a nomad culture, she’s well drilled in survival strategies.

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“Glad you can use it, but get me loose,” the pilot growled.  “I’d just as soon I hadn’t found it.”

What else was in the emergency kit? Coralie wondered.  They’d need water, shelter, food ….  She looked up, now seeing that the silver spangles she’d seen earlier were bits of a cloudy sky.  This forest was warmer and wetter than anything she knew; they’d need shelter from rain.

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