Mercedes Lackey again this week, except for the last quote which (as usual) is from one of mine. This time the first four Lackey quotes are from Intrigues, the second book in the Colloquium series, and the next two are from The Fairy Godmother, the first book in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series.

Cover, Intrigues“Eyewitness tend to see what they expect to see.” Halleck explaining that the same is true of Foreseeing.

“There is a difference between a team and a group of the best, and a team will win every time.” Gennie (the team captain) to her team in the first Kirball game (which is modeled on Kipling’s “Maltese Cat.”)

“Everyone has darkness inside them.” Rolan to Mags, letting him know that the darkness within him is not unique.

“Think every move through before you do it.” Mags’ thoughts as he is getting out of the kitchen where he has been hiding.

Cover, The Fairy Godmother“There are a great many things she could have done. None of them suited her.” Elena to Fleur and Blanche, after her stepmother and two spoiled stepsisters have absconded to avoid paying their debts, rather than cutting back on their style of living.

“Home. What a wonderful word that was.” Elena, when Godmother Bella says her home will be Elena’s, too, for as long as she wishes.

“Do fathers and mothers always fight over children?” Homecoming, Sue Ann Bowling. Roi to Elena (no connection with Lackey’s) when he is first coping with being a father, and finds Wif’s mother does not really want to share her son.