I got up in the dark this morning – the sun won’t rise until 8:24, and will set at 6:51 this evening. That gives us 10 hours 27 minutes of daylight – we’re losing about 6 minutes a day. The sun at its highest is less that 20° above the horizon, and the sun glint off the wet highway almost blinded me when I forgot my sunglasses Saturday. (It was raining when I left the house.)

Mulch on flower bed

Leaves piled on the flower bed. The green is chives, and they still tasted fine for Sunday lunch.

I suppose we’re ready for some rain. We had about half our normal precipitation in September, though the temperature was close to normal. (No real surprise, clear nights are colder than cloudy ones.) The first few days of October were pretty nice, too – above 60°F on the 4th, and I managed quite a bit of cleaning up the perennial beds and raking leaves over them. The last few days, though, it’s been raining. At least it’s not snowing yet; at this time of year any snow is likely to stay until April. But the forecast high temperatures are barely above freezing.

Aside from the chives and mint, the garden’s pretty well done for the season. Most of the garden equipment is in the shed, and the fence around the Amur maple is now up over 7’ in height. I just hope it keeps the moose out!