Once again I’m posting from War’s End, the third volume of the trilogy I’m working on. Coralie has now found Kelty, the pilot of the spaceship they were on before she found herself and her baby rolling through a strange jungle, and the medic, Ginger. And Bounce, of course, but Bounce is out looking for the rest of the group.

Detail of M83, HubbleGinger worked her way over to where she could examine the vines closely, glancing back and forth between the leaves and her reader.  Finally she grinned.  “Thanks, Kelty.  It’s alcohol-soluble, and the alcohol tincture is one of the better insect repellents available from the local vegetation.  I know we have the emergency kit, but I’d prefer to use local materials when we can.”  She was getting out a bottle of alcohol and a couple of smaller empty containers as she spoke.

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