Cover, DragonquestThis week’s quotes, tweeted from September 27 through today, are all (except the last) from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series.

“The best solution is not always easy to accept.” Dragonquest. Brekke, arguing that the grubs, not an expedition to the Red Star, are the proper solution to Pern’s problems with Thread.

Cover, Dragonsong“Honor was always accompanied by responsibility.” Dragonsong. Menolly’s thought as she stands on the windy deck after singing Petiron to his rest.

“Maybes seldom are.” Dragonsong. A saying of Menolly’s mother, recalled as Menolly is running for her life from Thread.Cover, Dragonsinger

“There are other things in life than fish.” Dragonsong. N’Ton, when he finds that Yanus is not even searching for Menolly.

“Size is irrelevant.” Dragonsong. After Menolly’s first encounter with the small, but intense, Lessa.

“Conscientious effort on your part will determine the rate of progress.” Dragonsinger. Oldive, the Master Healer, instructing Menolly on how to get back the use of her hand.

“It’s never easy, saying good-bye.” Bowling, Homecoming. Lai to Marna, as they are leaving her home planet, Riya.