Amur mapleThe sun will rise this morning at 8:03 and set this evening at 7:16, for 11 hours 14 minutes of alleged daylight. Sunday morning we had snow on the ground and Sunday night lows in the low 20’s, but it’s supposed to warm up this week. Still cloudy and chances of rain or snow, though. At least we’re not having floods, like the south central part of the state.

The solar altitude is now only a little more than 20° at noon, so if it weren’t for the clouds it would be hard to drive. My sun visors are already getting steady use.

Snow Sunday morning

Out my office window, Sunday Morning. This much snow won’t stick (it was 31° F when the picture was taken right after sunrise) but winter is definitely on the way.

Even the exotics like the Amur maple have gotten the message that winter is on the way. It’s now turned yellow, but the native trees are almost bare. I’m going to try to get the wire pen around it this year – last year the moose nibbled it so badly I needed major pruning to remove the dead branches. Most winters I do protect it, but last year I decided it was old enough to take care of itself. It wasn’t.

As far as writing is concerned, I’m running the spell/grammar checker over the trilogy before sending it to my editor, as I finally realized that I am regularly misspelling certain words. Judgement for judgment, for instance. I do get annoyed at its “corrections” to my use of reflexives, though. The corrections are far worse grammar than mine!