Cover, IntriguesHere are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling from September 13 through September 19. All but the last are from Intrigues, the second book of the Colloquium Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey.

“I have known many young lovers, and most were fools.”  The Archivist, pointing out the most likely reason that Mags’ parents had left their own homes.

“Being taken by surprise by success can be as hazardous as being taken by surprise by failure.”  Setham, warning Mags that success in the game of Kirball could make him popular unexpectedly.

“No one ever anticipates great intelligence out of a games player or a fine warrior.”  Nicholas to Mags, after Mags gets on a Kirball team. “Low profile” need not include avoiding that kind of success.

“Ye learn a mite or two ‘bout eatin’ when ye ain’t got a lot t’ eat.” Mags, explaining to Bear why he is eating only a light lunch before Kirball practice.

“It’d be nice if some people’d think wi’ their heads, ‘stead uv some other parts.” Mags, when he realizes that many, even Heralds, are suspicious that the “foreigner” in a foreseeing may be him.

“The surest way to make some people to believe almost anything was to deny it.” More of Mags’ problems with the foreseeing of the King possibly assassinated by a “foreigner.”

“Anybody object to a bed?” Tourist Trap, by Sue Ann Bowling. The travelers have been asked if they mind overnighting at a supply cabin, instead of camping out.