Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday. I’m still posting from War’s End, where Coralie has found herself, her baby and her dog unexpectedly on a strange planet. Her dog has just led her to the pilot of the courier spaceship they were on. The pilot is speaking, and he has warned Coralie that the vines holding him to the fallen tree trunk are very sticky.

Bubble core NGC3079, source Hubble.“If I’d had the sense to keep still, I don’t think they’d have ensnared me so badly, but no, I had to grab them and try to pull them away.  Just don’t laugh at me.”

Coralie studied him, trying to control the betraying twitch at the corner of her mouth.  “Maybe there’s something that would dissolve it in Ginger’s kit,” she suggested.  “Otherwise we’ll have to find some way to cut you free.”

“The kit’s there,” Kelty said, nodding toward the case.

But Kelty doesn’t know what’s inside the kit.

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