I went to a writer’s seminar last weekend, and picked up a cold — I suspect on the plane, breathing recirculated air for an hour. Would you believe I’m not feeling at the top of my form?

Red Dun, showing dorsal stripe.

This red dun shows the dorsal stripe typical of duns very clearly.

Further, one of the comments I received at the event was that blogging daily is too often.

I skipped Tuesday simply because I didn’t feel up to writing a review. Today should be wild card, but I’m skipping that, too. I think I will keep up with meteorological Monday, quote-context Wednesday, and Jarn’s Journal on Fridays, along with something from my fiction on Sunday. Six Sentence Sunday as long as it lasts, or possibly longer segments. Tuesday and Thursday I’ll normally skip unless I have something special.

Saturday in most cases for the next few months will be reblogs. One of the things I’ve found is that my old posts on horse coat color genetics are very popular even though I didn’t have much in the way of photos to illustrate them. Since the fair I have quite a few new pictures, so I’m going to bring out some of those old blogs, fancy them up with new pictures, and put them out on Saturdays — unless I have something else seasonal in mind, of course.

Anyway, from now on I’ll be blogging regularly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Other days will be occasional — it’s time I did some serious editing on the trilogy!