These are the quotes tweeted between September 6 and September 12 from @sueannbowling. All but the last of these quotes are from Dragonquest, by Anne McCaffrey.

Cover of Dragonquest“Adolescence was only a step of life, not a career in itself.” F’nor musing on how some dragonriders, able to impress a dragon in adolescence, never really moved on from that time.

“You solve one problem and five more appear from between. F’lar, when Lessa points out that Groghe wants the dragonriders to go to the red star and wipe out thread at the source.

“Nothing can be decided in heat or hatred.” F’lar, after Kylara has been responsible for the death of two queens, and effectively lost her mind as a result.

“It was one matter to keep dangerous secrets privy. Quite another to guard Craft skills to extinction.” Robinton’s thought, recognizing that many of the losses of information were due to Craftmasters dying before they had passed on all the craft matters kept secret.

“A man ought not to be afraid to say he didn’t know.”  Lessa, approving of Wansor’s refusal to state more than he knows when they are first viewing the Red Star through a telescope.

“They’re learning because they love.” F’nor, after her fire lizards have stood between Brekke and a possible second Impression.

“It was less trouble to read the message than to speculate about it.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Derik, when he gets a high-priority message from his son Coryn, who supposedly knows better than to mark a message high priority. (Coryn is actually right on this one.)