I’ll be pretty slow getting to other authors today, as I’m attending a writers’ conference. I’ll try to get around eventually, but it will be Monday or Tuesday.

My snippet is again from War’s End, following last week’s.

Star-forming region, s106 (Hubble)It took nearly half an hour before she found herself in the clearing that held Kelty, and Michelle was once again demanding to be fed.

The pilot was on the trunk of a giant tree that had fallen atop a tangle of smaller ones, and at first she thought that the vines wrapping the trunk were somehow also wrapped around him. But as she came closer, she saw that only a few, very thin vines actually crossed his body. “Don’t touch the vines,” he cautioned. “They’re sticky. Very sticky.”

Perhaps I should add that Kelty is in his fifties and not terribly athletic?

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