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These quotes were tweeted from @sueannbowling between August 30 and September 5. 2012

The Crystal Gryphon, Cover“Be yourself, not ruled by the belief that one man must be like another.” Andre Norton, The Crystal Gryphon. Neevor’s advice to Kerovan.

“There be no more deadly enemies than those of close blood-kin when evil works.” Andre Norton, The Crystal Gryphon. Joisan’s thoughts on seeing Kerovan pitted against his mother.

“None of us can know what lies ahead from one day’s dawning to the next.” Andre Norton, Gryphon in Glory. Joisan, as she sets out to follow Kerovan.

“Great age brings its own privileges.” Andre Norton, Gryphon in Glory. The Past-Abbess is speaking to Joisan, who is a little startled that a man might be able to talk with one cloistered within the abbey.

Book cover, Gryphon in Glory“Men fear that which has no substance; better they should look with clear eyes, open minds. Andre Norton, Gryphon in Glory. Elys trying to make Kerovan understand that Joisan wishes a closer relationship with him, while he fears himself.

“Understanding comes from within, it cannot be poured from another source.” Andre Norton, Gryphon in Glory. This immediately follows Joisan’s statement, “What I desired most of my lord was that he understand me.”

“Better take advantage of it, even if he didn’t understand it.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Snowy, paralyzed and helpless, but being offered a chance to learn to read.