I’m still posting from War’s End, following on from last week’s snippet. Coralie was on a spaceship, but has suddenly found herself and her baby in a swampy jungle on a strange planet with no idea how they got there. Her dog has found her and managed to locate the pilot, who is hung up on a tree trunk. If you want to know how Coralie got Bounce, I posted an excerpt from the second book of the trilogy here last Thursday.

Tarantula Nebula, Large Magellenic Cloud. (Hubble)Coralie brushed some small flying creatures from Michelle’s head, adjusted the sling to hold the baby close while freeing her hands, and looked carefully around her.  Signs of her tumbling progress to this point were obvious, now that she was looking for them and yes, there was her carryall, a splash of bright yellow amid the greens and browns that surrounded her.  Just as well she’d chosen a bright one in reaction to the years of camouflage colors.  She picked it up, turned toward Bounce’s position, and began to work her way in that direction.

She would have been happier with a stick to probe the ground in front of her and something to keep the flying creatures off, but the vegetation was either in chunks far too large for her to shift or too flexible to be useful.  She had to test each step first by tossing the carryall ahead of her, holding the strap, and then with her feet, ready to jump back if the next step felt uncertain.

If I ever get it published, this will be the third volume of a trilogy set in our own time, but light-years away. At least this section is light-years away!

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