Today I’m posting another six from War’s End, continuing Coralie’s efforts to use her dog Bounce to find the rest of the group that was on the ship before she suddenly found herself, her baby and her dog in a strange, swampy jungle. At the beginning of this snippet, she’s seeing through her dog’s eyes, and Kelty has just waved his arms at her request.

Pistol Star; HubbleThere!  Bounce still had trouble seeing the man, but she did catch motion.  Coralie squinted her own eyes, which of course did no good at all, and tried to see what was holding Kelty.  Some kind of vines, she thought, vines which were wrapped closely around a huge fallen tree.  She suspected Kelty would need the help of all of them to get free.

Michelle burped, yawned, and dropped off to sleep.

This is from the third volume of a trilogy I’m polishing, set a couple of hundred years after the close of Tourist Trap.

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