News first: I got back my Foreword Clarion Review for Tourist Trap, snippets from which I blogged here last year. 5 Stars, and they don’t give them often!

Continuing on from last week on War’s End, Coralie is stranded on a strange planet, and has sent her dog, Bounce, to find the others from the ship. Bounce is a pocket herder, a small herding breed capable of limited telepathy. The breed was inspired by my first Sheltie, Derry, who was also my first tracking dog. Bounce is a clear sable, not darkly shaded like Derry, and has no white markings. If you want more background, click on the Index tab at the top of the page, and then on Six Sentence Sunday.

Shetland Sheepdog herding beach ball

Can Ch Rogene’s Sean Lord Derry Am/Can CD TD  herding his favorite ball.

Now she was able to follow Bounce mentally, and to her pleased surprise she had no problem keeping track of the little dog’s location as Bounce searched.  A familiar scent reached Bounce’s nose, but not the one she was hunting for.  Coralie noted the dog’s position, but sent her on.  There.  Bounce stopped dead and turned into the faint whisper of wind, zigzagging up the cone of scent as she searched for its source.

Coralie couldn’t see much through Bounce’s eyes–everything was in shades of gray to the dog, and nothing seemed sharply in focus.

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