One of the things I always attend at the Fair is the Quilt show. Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from this year’s entries.

Quilt display

The quilts are fastened to horizontal bars which can be swung out from the wall.


This was my pick for viewer’s choice.

Grand Champion Quilt

This quilt won the Grand Championship.


This one really caught my eye.


I love the subtlety of this one.


This one embodied the fair them, “The Age of Asparagus.” Well, I think there’s some asparagus mixed in with all the other vegetables.


There are 25 different red fabrics used in this one.


And would you believe this is a flat, two-dimensional quilt?

This year I’m including thumbnails of a few more quilts. Just click on the thumbnails to see larger versions. The last two are the Junior Grand Champion (how many skulls can you find?) and the Grand Champion wall hanging.

QuiltquiltsQuiltQuiltquiltquiltJunior Grand ChampionGrand Champion Wall hanging