FairgroundsThe sun rose at 5:10 this morning and will set at 10:41 this evening for 17 hours 31 minutes of daylight. It still gets no darker than nautical twilight, but the sun is a bit lower and the shadows longer at noon – the sun is now 41.6° above the horizon at its highest. We had typical fair weather Friday and Saturday – cloudy and light drizzle now and then – but Sunday was sunny and relatively warm, in the high sixties and today promises to be similar. Maybe even into the 70’s. At 7:30 am the sun is shining and the temperature is 43°F, so it’s layers for the Fair, even if I have to walk a ways to drop them off.


Notice the bolting chard.

The garden is getting farther and farther ahead of me, especially as I’m hitting the fair early each day trying to get horse photographs for my blog posts about horse color genetics. The chard is bolting, the beets need eating, the pea pods are coming faster than I can eat them, and the zucchini – well, another trip to the food bank with surplus zucchini is in order. The delphiniums are still in full bloom, way above my head, and the lilies are starting to open. Summer is winding down, but the garden is still producing like mad.


Yesterday evening.

Flash: I just got the ForeWord Clarion review for Tourist Trap. Five Star!