I’m still giving bits of a scene well into the WIP (third volume of a trilogy) with working title War’s End. We’re still with Coralie, who’s unexpectedly found herself on a strange planet with her month-old baby. She’s just seen her dog circle and lift her nose in response to the order to find the others she can hear.

Grazing encounter between NGC2207 and IC2163, Hubble image.Air scenting, Coralie thought.  Which way was the wind blowing?  The air was hot, sticky and apparently motionless where she stood, but by looking up, she could see an occasional leaf flutter.  “Go,” she told the dog, swinging her arm downwind.

Roi hadn’t been able to teach Coralie much, crippled as he’d been by the hiControl.  But he had taught her the light trance that let her share Bounce’s senses to some extent, and in the brief time they’d had together since his talents had returned, he’d helped her strengthen that bond.

So can Bounce find the others?

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