Year 3 Day 136

African landscapeThe computer is no help at all.

Oh, it has an architectural module. I can play all I want with floor plans, wall finishes, furniture – anything like that. But it assumes I have access to finished materials, standard furnishings, and robot builders, none of which are available here.

What I do have is plant material in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and hardness, animal skins and bones, rocks of all sizes, and dirt. Lots of dirt. Can I use the architectural program to define the shape of what I want, and somehow build walls, roof and even furnishings from what I have?

I decided some time ago on a site. It is well above the lake, with a beautiful view. I wish I had some transparent material that would keep animals and insects out while allowing me to look out, but for the moment daylight will have to come from thinly scraped skins. Beyond that, I’m still not sure what I’ll use to make a dwelling. Parts of the emergency capsule are still usable, and I’ll certainly teleport the computer and the solar panels to the new site, but there must be a better way to build a shelter!

This is one place where the people would be of little help, even if they were here. They simply do not build permanent shelters.

I wonder …. Is it possible to fuse dirt into something harder with my esper abilities?

Jarn’s Journal is the remote back story of my science fiction universe — really remote. Like about 125,000 years. It is the fictional journal of a human-like alien stranded in Africa during the penultimate interglacial, and the story to date can be found on my author website.