Cover, Horn CrownThese are the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling over the past week. The first four are from Horn Crown, by Andre Norton; the next two are from The Crystal Gryphon, also by Andre Norton.

“Go in peace, though that is not what you will find, for it does not lie within you.” The dryad speaking to Elron.

“All things must balance in any world.” Gathea, trying to explain the Horn-Crowned One to Elron.

“We must fight fear lest we vanish into nothingness.” Elron, facing dark evil.

“You cannot compress years of learning into a few words here and now.” Gathea is saying that she cannot teach Elron what he needs to know, but it strikes me that our politicians try to do it all the time.

The Crystal Gryphon, Cover“Knowledge is what every man should seek, and knowledge of himself most of all.” Riwal, the Wise Man, speaking to Kerovan when Kerovan seeks him out as a child.

“They are afraid of that which they cannot touch, see, taste, hear or otherwise clearly perceive.” Abbess Malwinna, speaking of her occasional ability to foresee the future.

“Had the near-breakdown of society gone hand in hand with the elimination of pets?” Bowling, “Death of a Dog.” The protagonist is a retired scientist who believed — and published — that dogs helpd humanity evolve.