These are the quotes tweeted during the last week from @sueannbowling. The first six  quotes are from Owlknight, by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.

Owlknight cover“Of all the things in the world, I think patience is the hardest.” Darian, recognizing that he must be patient if he is to find out what happened to his parents.

“They may drive me crazy, but they’re my parents.” Keisha’s reasoning as she observes Darian’s obsession with finding his parents.

“It was one thing to take pleasure in the defeat of an enemy, but gloating over it made you no better than he.” Shin’a’in saying, thought of by Darian as he hears of the end of the Blood Bear clan.

“Competition keeps the breed strong.” Tyrsell the dyheli stag, when a problem comes up at Council.

“Anyone who understands bribery can’t be that much of a barbarian.” Val’s comment when Chief Vorden suggests that the “gift” of wedding shawls might be considered a bribe.

“No one wants to look bad in front of the important stranger.” Darian’s thoughts on why the Council matters were resolved so quickly – they are also preparing for the arrival of a herald-mage.

“If you don’t feel confident about trying, I sure don’t.” Bowling, Tourist Trap. Timi, when Roi is reluctant to try to dig memories out of his mind.