Maltese CrossThe sun rose this morning at 3:58, and will set at 11:53 this evening, for 19 hours 56 minutes of daylight. It’s only the second day this summer that the sun actually set before midnight. We’re losing about 6 ½ minutes a day, now, but it’s still civil twilight all night.

Last week was lovely weather, in the 70’s but dry—I had to water. It did rain a little last night, but only a fraction of an inch. The delphiniums are starting to bloom, and the first flowers are opening on the Maltese cross. I swear the delphiniums get taller every year; I get a crick in my neck trying to photograph them.delphiniums

Farmers marketTomatoes are now available at the Farmers Market. I don’t bother with those in the supermarket—they might as well be cardboard. But the local ones are vine-ripened and complement the lettuce from my garden. Cabbage, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini and onions are also in the market now, and greens of all kinds have been available for a couple of weeks. Rhubarb has been present from the start, and strawberries are also appearing. (I don’t buy them because I have a hard time keeping up with my own.) Wild berries should be available soon.

I’m off to the first day of Summer Arts Festival this morning, so that’s it until this evening. I just hope I can find a place to park. There’s a lot of construction on campus this summer, and it’s taken out almost all of the handicapped parking slots.