The first six quotes are from The Masterharper of Pern, by Anne McCaffrey. All of these quotes were tweeted from @sueannbowling over the last week.

Cover, Masterharper of Pern“Learn to take honest praise with the same dignity with which you’ve received criticism.” Masterharper Gennell to Robinton, as he is deciding where to send him for his first assignment as a Journeyman.

“Let’s not borrow trouble until it comes our way.” Lobirn, when Robinton is his journeyman and Fax is still merely a holder.

“Knowledge had a way of penetrating any barriers set to exclude it.” Robinton is hoping that parents will pass their knowledge to their children in Fax’s hold, since Fax will not allow the harpers to educate them.

“A wall has two sides, my friends.”  Robinton, mediating a dispute over who should rebuild a broken wall.

“If you believe in anything—anything—keep that faith. ” Masterharper Minnarden talking to Robinton, about Robinton’s (and his) belief that Thread will fall again.

“Got yourself in, get yourself out.” Robinton’s chant as he tries to sail his and Kassia’s honeymoon sloop to safety.

“Lions don’t climb trees.” Roi’s frantic thought as he is attacked by a puma (which he has never seen before) from a tree branch. Bowling, Tourist Trap.