Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC1300 (Hubble)Coralie was on a spaceship with her baby, but she suddenly finds herself in dense jungle on the surface of a strange planet. She has just heard the pilot’s voice and answered, and his reply is “Are you all right?” This is from the third volume of a trilogy I’m working on, with a working title of “War’s End.” The war may be over, but the complications aren’t!

“Yes.  Are the others?”

“I am,” came Audi’s voice, “though I seem to have dropped the diapers.  Where are you?  I can’t tell what direction your voice is coming from.”

“Neither can I.”

That last voice is Ginger’s, by the way. She hasn’t been in the bits I’m posting from this book, yet, but she was on the ship. Think I should try to publish this?

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