These are the contexts of the lines that have been quoted for the past week from @sueannbowling.

“Prudence is sometimes a weapon when other fail.” Andre Norton, The Jargoon Pard. Kethan, forcing himself to stay hidden after his shape-change.

“The answer lay within my mind.” Andre Norton, The Jargoon Pard. Kethan is beginning to realize that the key to the change between pard and man lies within himself.

“It is how you use it or abuse it that counts.” Andre Norton, Horn Crown. Quaine suspects that Elron has second sight and is warning him that it may be dangerous in this land.

“Each man walks the road that is appointed to him.” Andre Norton, Horn Crown. The Wise Woman, speaking to Elron as he prepares to leave.

“Go your own way, as all men do.” Andre Norton, Horn Crown. The Wise woman is making it clear that she doesn’t think much of the male sex.

“All things are possible when a seed is well planted.” Andre Norton, Horn Crown. The dryad speaking to Elron.

“If I eat it myself I know exactly where it will go.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Kyrie, who is worried about her figure, mindspeaking to Roi

Since it’s the fourth of July today, you might want to look at an earlier post of mine on the history of fireworks. I’ve just updated it with some pictures.