Spirograph Nebula, HubbleThis is a continuation of the scene from War’s End, the third book of a trilogy in progress I’ve been posting from for several weeks. Coralie was on a spaceship, threatened by strangers, and has suddenly found herself tumbling through a swamp with her baby. Her dog, Bounce, has just found her. The dog is a pocket herder, a small breed capable of rudimentary telepathy with some humans.

She wasn’t alone!  “Where are the others?”

The little dog cocked her ears, and when Coralie listened, she managed to sort out human voices from the cacophony around her.  One, deeper than the others–Kelty?–was calling names.  “Coralie here,” she shouted, and he answered at once.

“Are you all right?”

Well, at least she knows that whatever happened, it happened to the pilot, too.

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