Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant (Hubble)Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! Once again I am presenting a snippet from the last volume of my trilogy, working title War’s End. Coralie has suddenly found herself and her baby in a place completely strange to her, and has been trying to make sense of the sounds she hears. This follows on directly from last week’s snippet.

There!  That was a dog barking! “Bounce, come,” she cried out.

There was a series of rustles and squelches from her left, and she managed to sit up and look in that direction.  The ground beneath her, she now saw, was not so much ground as waterlogged and rotting vegetation, and when Bounce finally stuck her head through the leaves she was mired to the belly with greenish mud.  “Bounce,” Coralie gasped in relief.

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Postscript at 10 am: Maryellen Brady won the drawing on my site for the SFR writers blog hop, and chose Tourist Trap. Congratulations!